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Cara Dillon, will be performing at Derby LIVE’s Guildhall Theatre.

Cara Dillon
Sat 20 May, 8pm
Derby LIVE’s Guildhall Theatre
Derby LIVE is proud to announce that Cara Dillon, will be performing at Derby LIVE’s Guildhall Theatre.

Those who don’t know the voice of Cara Dillon are in for a treat and her legions of admirers around the world, already know there is something special in store at a Cara Dillon performance.

A Thousand Hearts, Cara Dillon’s fifth solo album, is another small masterpiece of song and emotion, ethereal and radiant, beautifully honed and perfectly true. The Irish singer makes music that transcends genres and crosses barriers. She has won every folk award going, but confesses to being no purist, making music that reaches beyond the constraints and limitations of tradition.

"What may well be the world’s most beautiful female voice." – Mojo Magazine
"Loved every single album you've put out...sublime, heavily recommend to anyone." – Ed Sheeran
"This woman's voice holds so many beautiful memories in my heart." – Sam Smith

Cara Dillon will be performing at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on Saturday 20 May at 8pm. Tickets are priced at £21 and can be purchased through the Derby LIVE Sales and Information Centre on 01332 255800 or online at They can also be purchased at the Sales and Information Centre, on the Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AH. 

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