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How to edit your Weebly minisite

Artists' minisites were previously available as a free add-on to all registered artists and arts organisations who had artists' directory profiles published on the website.  In March 2011 we made some significant changes to the artsderbyshire website that affected the artists' minisites tool. 

We now recommend our users use a tool called Weebly.  Weebly is a free tool that is much more flexible and offers a wider range of functionality.  This series of FAQs will help guide you through the use of the new tool.

Q. I had an old minisite.  What happened to it?

A. All artists who had published minisites until the changeover point in March 2011 had their minisite moved over to Weebly.  We sent out emails to all affected artists and arts organisations in March 2011. Check your email for details specific to you.  If you can't find the email, or have deleted it, then get in touch with us and we can help you retrieve your minisite details. Email us at

Q. Why is Weebly better?

A. Weebly has a whole host of extra functions.  For example you can now upload video and other multimedia files; style text with different fonts; embolden and italicise; change the header images and the look and feel of the minisite Ė all at the click of a button.

You can also now make links to other websites and, for the more technically minded, itís possible to choose your own website address to give you a free website that has a more professional feel without having to pay for a Web Designer and a hosting company. 

The Ďdrag and dropí technology also makes it easier to make a more attractive design.  Itís much simpler to position images alongside text and resize them as you need to.

Q. How do I edit my new Weebly minisite?

We've put together a list of help articles on various aspects of using Weebly. Anyone can sign up for a Weebly account to manage an online minisite.  Sign up for an account if you don't already have one. 

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