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Charmian Hughes: What-Not

A brand new comedy show from Best Comedy Nominee Buxton Fringe 2016 20th and 21st July 2019 at 8.30pm The Green Man Gallery Hardwick Square South, Buxton.
  • What-Not: a word for things overlooked and abandoned
  • What-Not: a set of shelves for all your what-nots
  • What-Not: the word for people there isn’t a word for
  • What-Not: Charmian Hughes

In a world buzzing with the word ‘self-identification’, we’ve never been so free to become who we were always meant to be. But If you don’t know what you were to start with, can you know where you are going? If you don’t know the name for the thing you want, can you ever get it?

Relax! Now you can identify as a What-Not; the word for people there isn’t word for.

Charmian says ‘My whole life has been a muddle of cross identification. Through a series of accidents and coincidences, I was born German to an English family, brought up a strict Catholic when they were vaguely C of E and was an only child yet had five siblings. If that sounds like the clue to the riddle ‘What am I?’, the answer is I am a What-Not.

This is a stand-up show delivering totally true stories of what we nowadays might call ‘emotional child abuse’, but in those days was called ‘can’t you take a joke?’, and the long mountain climb to escape. Like the Sound of Music? ‘Yes’ says Charmian’ ‘Exactly! We were very much like Family Von Trapp- if they’d gone over to the Nazis. And couldn’t sing.’’

(Trigger Warning: Contains Nuns)

Charmian’s had a busy year since her last fringe with a spring tour of New Zealand plus a week at the Melbourne Comedy Festival doing some stand-up and home to partake in the Scilly Laughs grand tour of the Scilly Isles.

Now she’s back in Buxton and would love you to come and see the show!

Plus any inclusion of this info in your coverage of the fringe most gratefully appreciated!

  • ‘A class above other stand-ups-a great entertainer not to be missed’ Dominion Post
  • ‘Funny and profound’ Theatreview.
  • ‘Charming ribaldry’ The Guardian
  • 'A captivating storyteller and irresistible performer’ The Scotsman.
  • UK BBC Radio 4 Pick of The Week.

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