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Festivals Toolkit: Regional Strategy

Below are details of Strategic Agencies and useful publications.
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Strategic agencies

  • Department for Culture Media and Sport

  • Arts Council England

  • Cultivate The audience and organisational development agency for the East Midlands.  Cultivate runs a special programme called Progress to provide free help to small or emerging cultural organisations, including festivals, with their development.

  • Intelligence East Midlands and Cultural Observatory The regional observatory for the region, which aims to improve access to research conducted in the region. The website gives regional statistics, reports, strategies, research news and other useful information.

  • The East Midlands Cultural Observatory is currently working on a toolkit that will aid the measurement of the economic impact of cultural events and fixed assets (such as festivals and museums) in market towns. The toolkit will include advice on potential data sources and data collection methods, as well as example audience questionnaires and help with data analysis. It will be available from the Cultural Observatory from the end of March 2008.  

  • East Midlands Development Agency is one of nine Regional Development Agencies in England, set up in 1999 to bring a regional focus to economic development. Its primary goal is to increase the economic growth of the region.

  • East Midlands Business Previously provided Business Link services

Useful publications

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Angela Thompson

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